Saturday, June 2, 2007

Water Purifiers in India

Clear drinking water is a huge problem in India. The water that comes through the tap is often salty, and is riddled with bacteria. So, selling water purifiers is a big market in India. In fact, estimates show that it might be worth up to 900 crores. Companies are advertising heavily on television to grab a piece of the market preying on the fears of the general public. People often don't comprise when it comes to the safety of their family and so are willing to spend a months wage on buying a water purifier.

Buying a water purifier can be a nightmare as there are so many to choose from with different features. Some of them include:
Don't forget that each of the above brands has many different water purifiers within it which clean the water in different ways and are priced accordingly. And it wouldn't surprise me if there are a dozen more water purifier brands in the market! It seems like very month, someone is launching a new water purifier!

Aquaguard is the most popular water purifier brand in India. In the coming weeks, I will do a review on all these brands including their specifications and prices.

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Anonymous said...

i just bought a home purifier from for $59.99. it came with a tester thing. i swear i have never tasted water so pure before. i tested all the sources of water i have been using prior and found that they are all contaminated. not i can finally rest sure that i am getting healthy water for me and my family