Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boil Your Water Before You Drink!

I recently visited a doctor in India to receive a regular checkup; blood pressure, cholesterol level... During my checkup, I asked the doctor what is the most common illness she encounters and what is the cause of it. Surprisingly she told me that stomach pain, and diarrhea were the common complaints and most were caused by drinking unhygienic water. She asked me if I boil the water before I drink it. I said that I didn't need to boil the water since I use Aquaguard to filter my water. At that point she started laughing, and advised that filter systems such as Aquaguard do not always filter water properly. In fact, some of these systems wear out quickly, have faulty parts, and ultimately don't remove all the bacteria from the water!

The only way to make sure you are drinking pure water is to boil it the night before and store in the fridge after it cools down - even if that water comes from a water filter system! So next time, you drink water out of a water filter system, ask yourself "Can I be 100% sure that this water is pure and healthy?".