Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone

Apart from Cricket, talking on or about a mobile phone is the second most popular pastime in India!! These days, anyone can afford to own and use a mobile phone thanks to the ever decreasing prices of mobile phones and the fierce competition between rivals! Everyone wants a greater piece of the lucrative mobile phone market and competitors are constantly introducing new offers and slashing prices to preempt or undermine each other.

So let's get the ball rolling on the mobile phone carnival! These days mobile phones are becoming more of an entertainment unit rather than simply a device for chatting away. Now, given most of us carry our mobile phones everywhere we go (literally!), you really want something which will do the basics right but have those extra features that will provide you with lots of fun as well. Also, mobile phones are constantly changing and incorporating new technology and style. So I say, buy something affordable which you can change after a couple of years or so. That is my thinking anyway!!

Enter the Nokia 6300 priced around the Rs.10,000 mark. One of the reasons why this mobile phone is so popular in India is it's slim and sleek design. The surface is made from stainless steel which gives it an expensive look and feel! The phone will fit nicely into your hands courtesy of its slim design and perfect width.

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The Nokia 6300 has a large 2 inch screen capable of showing 16.7 million true colors. Needless to say, this will provide with fantastic colors and display.

The keypad is easily accessible. The Nokia 6300 has only a 2 megapixel camera along with 8x zoom. This ain't great by today's standards but it will do the job. Also, only 7.8 mb of memory is provided but you can upgrade it to 2 GB if you like.

Now for the good stuff! Wireless connectivity has been taken care of with Bluetooth support. The phone comes with GSM/EDGE coverage for fast downloads and has a web browser for browsing the internet! The battery will last you for 14.5 days with 3.5 hours of talk time which is satisfactory but not great!

Of course, your messaging and gaming needs are taken of - a must in India! You can send sms, mms (multimedia messaging service - capable of sending text, pictures, audio, and video in 1 message), and email. The phone has Java games installed but you can download more if you like.

Your music needs have also been catered for! The Nokia 6300 will play MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, H.263, and H.264 formats. It also has a FM radio which was working fine when tested.

The Nokia 6300 is a quality phone which does the basics right but also has many handy features. It mightn't have the best and the greatest features but it does enough to keep you occupied and provide you with lots of fun. And if nothing else, this phone looks stunning and feels great!

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