Saturday, June 16, 2007

Samsung E250 mobile phone review

The Samsumg E250 is a mid-range mobile phone that will provide plenty of bang for your buck. It is priced at Rs.6,500. I am sure I could find a thousand faults with this phone if I compare it with the high-range phones! But I think that would be missing the whole point!

Design: The Samsung E250 is a slider phone that weighs only 80 grams. It is small, light weight and a nice phone to carry around in the hustle and bustle of the city. Furthermore, it has a large 2 inch TFT display screen at 128x160 pixels capable of showing up to 65K colors. The big screen looks fantastic and provides decent picture and colors.

Connectivity: The Samsung E250 mobile phone will connect to WAP, Bluetooth, and Edge. It has a nice little browser that will allow you to surf the Internet.

Messaging: Sms, MMS, and Email have all been taken care of by the Samsung E250. It is quite easy to create messages including adding pictures and video. It even has a emergency feature for sending automatic messages in case you are in an emergency. Just press the volume key 4 times and it will automatically send a sms to pre-defined numbers set by you. Very cool indeed!

Camera: The camera is a 640x480 VGA camera which is very poor indeed! But hey, it is good enough to take the occasional snap! You can also adjust various settings like white balance and snap resolution but don't expect this camera to compete with the high-range mobile phones!

Sound: I was impressed by the sound quality of the phone particularly with the built-in MP3 player and the FM radio. You can even create playlists and use a Bluetooth headset (free of any cables) to listen to your favorite songs! But remember that no USB cable is provided with this phone to transfer songs from the computer to the Samsung E250. You will have to buy a USB cable to do this.

Games: Ahh, how we love games! The Samsung E250 mobile phone will keep you occupied for hours! There are a number of Java games already installed on the phone. If you want more, you can always download more!

Software: The software that comes with the Samsung E250 is nothing to rave home about! It includes the standard stuff including world clock, alarm, organiser, memos, calculator...

Security: One of the big selling points of this phone is the tracker system in case this phone is stolen! This is particularly importantly to Indian users as mobile theft is quite common here. However, with the Samsung E250, there is no need to worry! The Samsung E250 mobile phone comes with a Mobile Tracker System which is able to detect unauthorized use of the phone. Now, if someone steals this phone, at some point the thief is going to insert a new sim card! That is when things start to get interesting because the Mobile Tracker System will detect the new sim card and automatically send a sms to 2 different pre-defined phone numbers that were set by the original user! Thieves BEWARE!!!

Battery: The battery will provide you with 250 hours of standby time and 5 hours of talk time - which ain't that great but is ok for a mid-level mobile phone!

Conclusion: The Samsung E250 is a good little phone that will do the basics right with the added level security for piece of mind! It has a bit of everything but nothing is superb. This phone is ideal for your average user who doesn't care much for the extra techie gadgets but also wants a phone with a camera, mp3 player, and some Java games! A good buy!!

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