Monday, June 11, 2007

Philips Water Purifier - A Giant in the Making!

In recent news, Philips Electronics have decided to launch water purifiers in India. The water purifiers will range from Rs. 8,500 – 12,500. Apparently, they will use UV technology to purify water.

The Philips water purifiers will have a life of 10 years including a filter life for 3000 litres. The filters can be changed for only Rs.450.

The one thing that could allow Philips to dominate the water purifier market in India is their extensive distribution channels, aggressive marketing strategy, and great customer service. Philips have already started advertising their water purifiers on television. But this is only the beginning! They plan to setup Experience Centers throughout India which will allow consumers to see the product and taste the quality of the purified water! Also, Philips will provide sales support from their dedicated customer helpline.

It will be very interesting to see how Philips water purifiers perform in 1 years time after all their distribution channels have been sorted out along with heavy advertising! My bet is that the current big guys of the water purifying market in India (Aquaguard, and Kent) might be starting to get a little worried!


Ananth said...


I'm reading your posts on water purifiers. Well researched, expansive, and very useful. Thanx :)
(Very glad to see India related 'usable' stuff online)

It'll be better if you add the list of Labels in the right nav-bar.

seetha said...

I have Philips Water Purifier WP 3890/ 3891. Worst service. Insensitive dealer, irresponsible customer service, It stopped working 5 days back. Even after 5 days of repeated complaints, this has not been set right.

sintu said...

I bought a Philips water purifier on 23-05-09, against JS no-JAsn0010920000581, reg. no.-123278. We are total 3 in my family. First filter changed on 08-10-09. Now it is down again. That means Rs 600/- in every 3 months. Think about it’s performance and circulate it to all.