Saturday, June 2, 2007

Recline away to Heaven!

Amazon: Price Rs.20,000Wales: Price Rs.25,000
Image Source: Godrej

I work almost 8-10 hours on my laptop in addition to playing games so as you can imagine, I crave for a super comfortable chair for my sore back where I can relax, put my feet up, and recline away! After visiting countless furniture stores, I have finally narrowed it down to the above 2 recliners from a well known furniture company Godrej. They are the Amazon and the Wales.

There is only 1 problem, I can't decide which one to buy! I prefer the Amazon but I wish it had some padding on the side arms! Though, it is still reasonably comfortable and would look good in my home. On the other hand, the Wales is more comfortable but does not have the same style and elegance of the Amazon! Ahh...what to do?!

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1 comment:

Sharad said...

Hi Alekh,
Just saw your post. I have a godrej wales recliner for sale.Unfortunately i had an accident recently and am afflicted with a slip disc... hence the doctor has advised me to lie on my back :( Its only a month old and am selling it for Rs20,000. Bought it for Rs26,500. If you're interested you can mail me at