Saturday, June 2, 2007

Playstation 2 prices drop in India

I was looking to buy a Sony Playstation 2 here in India, Dehradun (Dehradun is a hilly city to the north of India, about 5 hours drive from Delhi). Playing Fifa or GTA on my recliner along with a sip of Coca-Cola, and some chocolate chip ice cream sounds like the perfect way to spend the hot summer afternoon in India. Playstation 3 seems like a rip-off so I figured I would wait for the price drop (fingers crossed!). Anyway, given the enormous of publicity and success of the Playstation 2, I was surprised that there wasn't much information about how one could obtain a Playstation 2 in India and at what cost? Well, after doing some research, I decided to pay a visit to the official Sony Store in Dehradun. It seems I was in for a surprise. Sony India have recently (Friday June 01, 2007) decided to drop the price of the Playstation 2 in India to Rs.7999 (USD.200) from Rs 10,000. This is mainly due to the recent launch of the Playstation 3 in India. Sony India are also including a 1 year warranty on the Playstation 2. Don't forget to ask the salesperson for any special deals with the Playstation 2. Often, they will include a memory card, extra controller, and game(s) for a few thousand Rupees more.

The Playstation 2 games are priced around the Rs.1,000 - 1,500 mark. Of course, one can obtain them at a much cheaper price in the black market for a modified PS2. However, buying pirated stuff and going to these seedy areas can be a nightmare. Don't be surprised if you get a raw deal and your modded PS2 stops working within a few weeks. Also, the use of pirated games would make the warranty void on the Playstation 2. Anyway, given the price drop, I think I'll stick with the original PS2.

Still haven't bought it though as they didn't have any PS2 games in stock! This will change in the coming weeks as they receive new stock from Sony India.

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srians said...

Was searching for the same info on the net and stumbled upon ur article. Tks and am plannin to get one today.