Monday, June 4, 2007

Philips 3046 DVD Player

A couple days ago, we covered the LG 42PX4RV Plasma Television and Samsung LCD Television! Well, now you are going to need a decent DVD player to go with that cool television! This is where I need a friend to help me out! One of my friends has the Philips 3046 DVD Player and so I figured I would use him as a guinea pig!!

One think that is appealing about the Philips 3046 DVD Player is the price. If you shop around, you can purchase this dvd player for under Rs.4,000. So is it any good?

Well firstly, this dvd player has a beautiful slim design and looks good in my friend's living room. But when it comes to dvd players, good looks is only a minor issue! The real test would come while playing movies. I tested a number of movies with different formats such as VCD and DivX and I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent quality of the audio and video! The Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound ensures that you get a movie-theater like sound. Basically, the 5.1 channel surround sound processes the sound into 6 different channels. The 5 in 5:1 includes front right, rear right, front left, rear left, and center while the 1 stands for low bass sound. In this case, the sound would be evenly spread all over the room and would seem like it is coming from everywhere, a bit like the theater!

The video is backed by the Progressive Scan technology which provides smoother and detailed video images. Remember though that this DVD player will only play PAL, and NTSC formats.

Of course, dvd players can also play music! The Philips 3046 DVD Player is equipped with the Windows Media Audio for playing music and is good at reducing distortion and noise!

The Philips 3046 DVD Player is good value for money. At the end of the day, great picture quality and sound are the most important factors when buying any DVD player. The Philips 3046 DVD Player does exactly that. My friend is quite happy with this DVD player and so am I!

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