Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Digital Camera Tips - Zoom in and away!

I have been doing a lot of photography these days shooting the lush, foggy mountains of Indian hilly towns like Mussoorie. In the few months of shooting away with my Sony DSC-H2 Digital Camera, I have learned a few things about cameras that I didn't realize before. There are so many things to write about so I will focus on 1 tip per post.

Buy a Camera with a really good Zoom!!
You know when you are in a showroom filled with all those cool gadgets, it is easy to focus on minor issues like high resolution, fancy settings, editing software, and other things which you might only use once in a blue moon. But I guarantee you that Zoom is one thing that you will utilize over and over again. Shooting objects far away or really close can only be properly done if your camera has a good zoom. Make sure your digital camera has a zoom of 8x or better - up to 12x if possible. I have been using 12x zoom to capture villages and wildlife far away in the distant mountains that you might only get to see once in a lifetime. And everytime, I capture a great far away shot, I thank the Zoom feature on my camera!

In further posts on Digital Camera Tips, I will focus on resolution, battery life, and the image stabilization technology so that you can get the best out of your digital camera.

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