Friday, June 29, 2007

Reliance Sucks...

It seems that Reliance is going downhill day by day. As you may know from my earlier posts on Reliance, I have a Reliance Wireless Data Card and am shocked at the terrible customer service and slow speed of less than 2kbps! Well, for the past 7 days, the Reliance Network has been on and off making it impossible to connect the data card. Reliance have crossed over the ocean of "common sense" and have decided to perform maintenance work during the day at peak times. Before, Reliance would do maintenance work at night time after 1am so that only minimum number of people would be affected. But, Reliance obviously don't care! In fact, even their customer service phone number has been down which is utterly confusing for customers as people don't know if something is wrong with their computer or with the Reliance network.

One of the big problems with Reliance is network congestion. This basically means that people are getting dead slow speed at under 1kbps!!! Can you believe it? In this day and age, an Internet connection is giving a speed of less than 1kps (slower than dial-up) which makes it impossible to browse the Internet and perform routine activities such as checking email and reading news!

Reliance is becoming a national embarrassment.


trangam said...

Yup it does. The only time they contacted me enthusiastically was once when they sold me the card and the next time when they sent me a legal notice for not paying up the 1400 or so bucks. I think they realise how messed up their product is but then at the same time there are many many ignorant people around for them to cash in, I guess. So, they are unable to stop the sinning they do each day - selling, advertising...?

ashwani said...

i know that about reliance comm. they have so many hidden charges, whether in mobile or in internet connection.\
i am also looking for internet connection for mmy laptop. but if reliance give me in free. i would'nt take.

could you help me to choose a card for internet for my laptop.


Pratyush Agarwal said...

Yes this was dream of DheeruBhai
to empower rural india for connectivity he is real hereo of india I know few of the my frens worked to make is a success in very tough village of Foolan Devi Chambal after all Dheeru is real Bhai no pblm even if he died his dream every indian like .