Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sony Ericsson W950i - Music Delight!

Generally, I wouldn't touch a mobile phone without a camera! But, in the case of the Sony Ericsson W950i, I am prepared to make an exception. Forget the iPod! You see the Sony Ericsson W950i is a smart phone with a music flavor!

Image Source: Sony Ericsson
Design: The Sony Ericsson W950i is a wonderful looking phone and is quite slim. I love the large 2.6 inch screen along with the flat keypad! First time I looked at this phone, I though that perhaps it was too wide. But, once you pick up the Sony Ericsson W950i and let it rest in your hands, you actually appreciate how the extra width of the phone allows it to fit exactly into your hands. This is particularly importantly while using the JogDial button to navigate through your songs on the left hand side of the phone with one hand.

The large 2.6 LCD inch screen displays 262K colors and gave beautiful, sharp colors. This is actually one of the big selling points of the phone!

Music: Now as I said I before, this is primary a Walkman style phone. There are so many music related features in this phone that it will make your head spin! So let's get started: The Sony Ericsson W950i has a 4GB memory capacity - enough to store over 4000 songs! It also has MegaBass, Music Tones, PlayNow, TrackId, stereo, option for including a Bluetooth stereo handset, FM radio, media player, 3G to download all those cool songs, Disc2Phone, and the list goes on and on....! Ah, now that keep you busy for a long long time!
  • MegaBass which is a Sony trademark feature provides for superior listening by enhancing the bass frequencies. This provides for loud and clear sound though your headphones.
  • PlayNow allows you to download MP3 ringtones to your mobile phone. Press the PlayNow button, select a song to listen, and if you like it you can buy it and set it as your ringtone!
  • TrackId is a great feature that identifies unknown songs. Simply record a few seconds of a song. TrackId will check the song with its music database, and send back the name, artist, and album to your mobile phone!
  • Disc2Phone is the most important feature of all! It allows you to drag and drop all your music files from your music cds to your mobile phone.
The sound quality is the best I have heard for a long time. I don't think any mobile phone that I have used out there can compete with the Sony Ericsson W950i when it comes to sound quality. The sound is loud, clear, crisp, and has that rocking effect to it.

Smart Phone: Not only is the Sony Ericsson W950i a music delight, but it is also a smart phone. It comes with a Opera web browser, RSS feader, 3D games, Bluetooth connectivity, USB support, sms, mms (multimedia messaging service), flight mode, handwriting recognition, and much more...! You probably know what those features do except may be the flight mode feature. Flight Mode also called airplane mode, turns off the transmitting signals from your mobile phone that may interfere with the airplane. With flight mode, you can use basic features of the phone such as music and games.

Battery: The Sony Ericsson W950i will give you 340 hours of standby time and 7.5 hours of talk time - good enough.

Conclusion: The Sony Ericsson W950i is priced around Rs.30,000. Yes I know it is expensive but then for a music junkie, this mobile phone would be money well spent! It has a fantastic array of music related features, complemented with smart phone features, and rocking sound quality. Well worth the money! I might buy one myself!

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