Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pristine Water Purifier - Is it worth the price?

So far, we have looked at two leading water purifying brands in India; Eureka Forbes Aquaguard, and Kent water purifier. After these two, things start to get a little messy. Now, as I have mentioned in my earlier post, there are many water purifying brands in India and it is quite hard to keep track of them all. It seems that in some cities, certain brands dominate the market! The most effective marketing strategy for smaller water purifying companies is door-to-door salesmen which is often quite complicated to manage, monitor, and execute. But there is another problem; annual servicing and maintenance of the water purifying units. Now, the smaller brands can't afford to service the entire India! So, they pick and choose a certain city and put all their eggs in one basket! This means that their salesmen target a specific city and do aggressive marketing (at times unethical) to sell their products.

The Pristine Water Purifier is a perfect example of the above. It doesn't have the same brand power as Aquaguard, or Kent. In fact, the city that I live in, people haven't even heard of Pristine. But, if you travel to other cities particularly in the south of India, Pristine is a well known brand! And because, Pristine doesn't have the same nation wide popularity, their prices are quite high. You see it is a question of supply and demand! Aquaguard and Kent have decreased their prices because the demand for their products is high. But Pristine doesn't have the same brand power! Now at the time of writing, the Zero B Pristine Unit that utilizes the Reverse Osmosis Technology (to remove bacteria and other solvents from the water) is priced around the Rs.20,000 mark! Compare that with the other leading brands, and the initial investment on a Pristine water purifier is very costly.

But let's keep moving on and discuss the actual unit. The ZeroB Pristine water purifier does use the latest technology to remove bacteria. In particular, water is purified in 4 stages including Reverse Osmosis. The design of the Pristine unit is probably the biggest advantage that it has over Aquaguard, and Kent. It looks quite modern and high-tech and would fit in nicely in most kitchens.

The servicing network of ZeroB Pristine is very limited to only certain metropolitan cities. This could provide you with a lot of headaches as your unit is going to require annual servicing and maybe urgent servicing if a part fails. Personally, I wouldn't touch any water purifier unless it had an excellent service network in my area.

Overall, ZeroB Pristine is a little bit too expensive for my taste!


didipu said...

I have gone through your article & found striking variation from reality
1) Zero B has al India service back-up.
2) Zero B Pristine is priced at Rs Rs.14600/-
3) It is the only company with Pesticide Removal certificate.

I do agree on the point that itas not as much evolved as aquagaurd or kent in all the markets.

kamaldeep said...

What about a purifier that does not require servicing for 3 to 5 years?

You have heard of pure and safe water. Have you heard of healthy water?

Has international certifications and is available right at your doorstep?

Sitharaman said...

The after sales service of ZERO B is poor. We are suffering for months.


Anil Reddy said...

If you are in south India there is a company called EVERSURE which has got excellent service network and has all the features of Zero B,Kent, Eurekha Forbes, etc. It is also a member of WQA and altogether it has substantial sales over the last fiscal year.. I have purchased my self and have seen the service and Quality issues.. It has also launched a new product called PROTO X series which is much more appealing