Sunday, June 3, 2007

Kent Water Purifier - Prince of the Jungle!

We recently covered the Aquaguard Water Purifier - King of the Jungle, the leader in the 900 crore water purifier market! Well, now it is time to talk about the Kent Water Purifier, the Prince of the Jungle! It seems everyone has a view on which one is better. Those that have Aquaguard will tell you that Kent is better while people that use the Kent will tell you that Aquaguard is the best! As the famous saying goes "the grass is greener on the other side"!

The Kent Group have a number of water purifiers in their range of products for you to choose from:
  • Kent Wonder
  • Kent Grand Super
  • Kent Excell Super
The most popular would be the Kent Grand Super which is priced at about Rs.14,000.
Image Source: Kent

The unit is quite large and will take up quite a bit of space in your kitchen. However you can mount this on your wall which will save space below the water purifier. It utilises the Reverse Osmosis technology to remove bacteria and other solute materials from the water leaving you with pure water! One great thing about this unit is that it has a capacity of storing 8 Litres of water in the tank while it can produce 15 Litres of water per hour!! That is alone a good reason to buy this unit.

One important thing to remember about Kent water purifiers is that they do not have the largest network of service specialists like other water purifiers particularly the Aquaguard water purifier from Eureka Forbes Ltd. Now, your Kent water purifier is going to require annual maintenance. And it is highly possible that you might get a raw deal and end up with a defective unit. Also, some of the parts might fail which would require urgent servicing. If you live outside of metropolitan cities, then you might have to wait a while before your Kent unit gets serviced!

Overall though, Kent is a great choice for your water purifying needs! It has good quality products and better than average customer service.

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kritika said...

kent RO is the best purifier in terms of its technology as its patented Mineral RO technology not only gives clean and safe water but also retains the essential mineral content in the water which makes it healthy for drinking.