Sunday, June 3, 2007

LG 42PX4RV Plasma Television

If you are looking for an affordable quality Plasma television under the Rs.1 Lakh(Rs.100000) range, then this might be the perfect television for you. A few days ago, we reviewed the Samsung LCD television. You might be wondering "what is the difference between Plasma and LCD?". Well, Plasma and LCD use a different technology to display a picture. I won't go into the technical specifications. Basically, Plasma televisions are generally larger than LCD televisions and have better contrast and deeper blacks than LCD. On the other hand, LCD televisions have longer lifespan, higher resolution, lower power consumption, and are lighter than Plasma televisions. So, if you are looking for a large television with great picture quality for watching your favorite shows and movies, then go for a Plasma. But, if you want a smaller television including viewing digital photography, then LCD is your best choice.

LG 42PX4RV Plasma Television - Price Rs.95,000

Image Source: LG

The LG 42PX4RV plasma television provides a lot of bang for your buck! The design of the television is slim, elegant, and looks good in the LG showroom. It is quite lightweight, and can be easily wall mounted. The resolution is 852x80 which would provide you with good quality High definition pictures.

One of the great things about this tv is that it includes SRS TruSurround. This would provide you with a clear and crisp 3d sound that would be great for watching movies or listening to music. To add to this, you can connect almost anything to this television using the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) such as your camcorder, video game, dvd player, or even your pc. Of course with HDMI , you get better picture and sound and it allows you to connect your video and audio to your television with only 1 cable.

Overall, this television would be a fantastic choice under the Rs.1 Lakh price range. It includes all sorts of fancy technology, and features that will make watching television a pleasure!

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